Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Furniture Leg Gripper Pads

Would you prefer a product which is secured by screws? 

You can choose between "peel and stick" style adhesive, screw on or versions which simply are slipped underneath the furniture leg

Choose between adhesive or screws

These gripper feet are optional screw on or stick on, and come in different sizes to ensure that all furniture leg widths are provided for.

Clever 'Tilt n Slide' design

The white ring on the base of this foot attachment is designed to grip and protect floors. However, when wanting to move furniture, this could obviously create difficulties. Therefore, these have been made with a clever 'tilt n slide' design, so simply tilting them allows for easy damage free sliding. 
The main purpose of these products is to be effective at offering protection to hardwood floors as well as laminated flooring and tiles in order to preserve value and appearance. However, these will obviously be very appealing to people who suffer with the annoyance of sofas, recliners and other furniture which constantly slide whenever sat on. It can be a major source of irritation.

100% Natural Rubber Pads - No Installation Required

These highly rated slide stopping furniture pads don't require any adhesives or screws. Simply place the furniture leg onto the pad and sufficient grip and stability will be provided by their unique texture, designed to stop all moving and sliding.


1. Sizes from 1/2" all the way up to 6" wide
2. Can easily modify to desired shape or size
3. Untreated heavy duty rubber 

The friction created by the rubber simply holds the furniture leg on the pad, which holds the furniture in its position to prevent sliding, scrapes and scratches. They can be easily modified to the correct shape to minimize visibility.

Cut with sharp scissors or a box cutter 


No sticky residue and full protection from leg edges/corners 

They are made from 100% rubber, and don't use any kind of 'stickiness' to provide grip. Their strength allows them to stand up the pressure of the heaviest furniture or legs with sharp edges.

All kinds of flooring

Whether it's laminate, hardwood or tiles or any other potentially slippery flooring, these specially designed 100% natural rubber with unique texture.

They come in several different sizes, with both circular and square shapes. Other products require glue or nails, which require a little more effort to attach. Inferior versions can even be the cause of scrape marks on hardwood floors. However, these rubber pads are made from a special ultra-durable material which will protect your floor and stop movement, whilst being able to support the heaviest of furniture without wear or damage. 

Just place the pad on the floor and sit the furniture leg on top. It can't get much simpler than that!

More details: Click here to view on Amazon

Although they add character and value, many hardwood floors have a relatively low wear rating, with denting and abrasions being common place. This is especially true with character woods such as pine. Bamboo flooring is also especially vulnerable to damage caused by furniture legs. The products shown here are reputably strong and durable in order to push, slide and jump on your furniture without having to worry about damage. The heaviest and sharpest furniture legs will not be able to penetrate or damage these pads or gripper feet and they will provide protection for even the most vulnerable types of floor boards. 

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