Tuesday, 31 December 2013

How To Stop Sofa Cushions Slipping Out

Preventing your sofa or futon cushions from sliding outward is simple and easy. All you need is a gripper mat to be positioned underneath the cushions.

The product pictured below is a specialized friction mat designed specifically for sofa cushions.

What separates this from similar versions is its reinforced edges, which prevent folding and bunching. This has been designed for all chair and seating cushions, including love seats and sectionals. 

These are made of natural Eco-friendly rubber and will leave no residue or marks on your cushions.

If you're interested, click here to view on Amazon

Other non-slip liners

There's several kinds of gripper mats which will do the job, even though they're not specifically designed for couches. Some are sold as shelf liners and others are sold as mats for washing machines or for tool boxes to prevent unwanted movement and to stop things falling from unstable surfaces. These are simple, non-adhesive mats which will work without having to attach or 'install' them.

Browsing customer reviews reveals that these mats are very commonly used for other purposes, such as for couch cushions or creating extra grip on all sorts of surfaces for all sorts of reasons. If you can find a piece of rubber around your house then it could work as long as it's big enough to create enough friction. However, the specialized mats pictured above aren't exactly expensive and might save you from digging around in your garage.

Folding and bunching up

Although generic liners create sufficient friction to hold cushions in place, there can be issues with bunching and folding.

Use them to make D.I.Y furniture pads.

Simply place a piece of cardboard underneath the leg, and cut around to to get the exact right size. You then simply place the cut out over the shelf liner and cut them out. Obviously, the rubber has not been specifically made to perform this function. However, common sense would suggest that it'd do the trick.

Use the rest on your shelves the keep things falling off. Three problems solved.

What about sagging cushions?

Slipping is worse when combined with sagging as you tend to sink back into the sofa, whilst the cushions slide out on an upward angle. 


1. 16x6 vinyl covered particle board
2. Simply unfold and place under sofa cushions
3. Improves posture

If you're interested check out this cushion supporter on Amazon

If you've got an older couch, there's a reasonable chance you're also experiencing cushion sag, which can be equally annoying. These support boards are designed to fold up, which is useful for storage or during transportation, but once they're underneath the cushions then it hardly matters.

These support boards will not only increase comfort, but can also be good for your posture as they stop you from sitting in a sunken position. If you can find a piece of wood or strong plastic around the house, then you're probably not going to need to buy one of these. The product shown above is basically a fold up plastic board, which is covered in vinyl.

D.I.Y cushion support?

This is the type of product that is obviously relatively easy to make your own do it yourself version of. Perhaps not a fold up version, but it's easy enough to find a piece of wood or panel of some kind to place underneath to create some extra support.

For years I suffered with sliding and sagging cushions and put up with having to constantly stand up in order to re-position them. I also had a sofa with cardboard and a thin wooden board placed underneath the cushions, which didn't work at stopping sagging. This was especially annoying when lying down, as I ended up sinking down into the back gap of the sofa. and has developed into a bit of a pet peeve for me. Luckily that sofa's long gone now, but I would've liked to have been aware of these solutions back then.

I guess a lot of people are unaware of these kinds of solutions, and keep putting up with it. I hope this has been a little bit of help to you

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Washing Machine Gripper Pads To Prevent Movement

As a washer revs up to a higher RPM, it's extremely common for vibrations to cause unwanted movement and sometimes even damage to the unit. Before placing any special anti-vibration washer grippers under the feet, there's a couple of simple things you can check. 

Common Issues

1. Check to ensure that the shipping bolts have been removed. If the shipping bolts have not been removed, this can cause excessive vibration which can damage the unit.

2. Ensure the washer is level. Over time, locking nuts on washer feet can become loosened and re-adjustment may be necessary.

'Stop-Slides' stop horizontal movement of washing machines.

These gripper pads and cups will prevent washer movement whilst also minimizing vibration and noise.

The extent to which a washing machine is loud whilst in use is exacerbated by vibrations which go down through your floor, increasing that droning noise throughout your home. There are specialized 'vibration stoppers', (pictured below). However, the gripper pads shown above are not specifically designed for washing machines, but it is claimed by the producer that they will put a stop to any walking and other movement.  I think I'd have to see it to believe it. From my experience, you'd need to be creating some pretty serious grip to restrain a determined washer.

If you're interested click here to view 'Stop Slides' on Amazon

Specialized feet cups for washers

If you're looking for a more specialized stopper which is made specifically for washers then these grip cups will be worth considering. They're capable of not only keeping your washer in position, but also dramatically diminishing vibrations and noise.

'Silent Feet' Anti-Vibration Anti-Movement Pads

These special anti-vibration pads for washers will put an end to unwanted 'walking' and also cut down on noise of both front loaders and top loaders. By leveling the washer, and stopping the vibration between the feet and the floor, movement is stopped. Named 'Silent Feet', these will be perfect for saving the sanity of anyone whose struggling with loud or adventurous washing machines.

These pads have a clean modern appearance and use a dual material vibration isolation system to get the job done. Polymer technology allows these little cups to restrain appliances without requiring any glue or complicated installation. Using these is as simple as lifting and placing them under the feet.

Click here to view 'Silent Feet' on Amazon

I tend to be a little cheap and avoid spending on these kinds of things, as I go into D.I.Y mode and think I can fix it myself. However, looking back, I just couldn't do this without resorting to something ridiculous like wedging bricks between the washer and the wall. I started considering drastic things like chaining it to the wall somehow because I was so tired of pushing it back into position.

If anyone has any clever D.I.Y ideas for restraining them during a spin cycle then feel free to post them up.

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Felt Pads and For Underneath Furniture Legs

Felt Pads are perfect for minimizing scraping noises and preventing damage.

Quick tips:

1. Make sure you clean the bottom of the leg before adding the felt pad. Obviously, the base of any furniture will be dirty, possibly preventing proper adhesion.

2. Hold the pad firmly to the base of the leg for at least 10 seconds in order to ensure a tight seal.
Cheap and simple

Felt pads won't break the bank, and not only protect flooring, but also minimize the loud scraping noises made by chairs as they're pulled in and out.

1. Several sizes available
2. Peel and stick
3. Easy to modify shape or size for correct fit

Click here to view felt pads on Amazon

Wipe the leg base clean, peel off the backing to expose the adhesive and then stick them on. There are similar options available that are more heavy duty, which come with a nail in the center which can be hammered into your chair legs. However, the product manufacturers claim these adhesive pads will remain in place with normal use. 

If you can't find the perfect size for your furniture leg, it's really not an issue as you can simply cut them to fit. There are a number of different sizes, and pack quantities to suit each buyer.

Chair Leg Silencers

If you're constantly irritated by that horrible scraping noise made by chair legs as they're pulled in and out, you may be more interested in a specially designed silencer

1. Fits up to 1.25" chair leg width.
2. Several color choices available.
3. Easy "push on and twist" installation. 
Click here to view on Amazon

These silencers could be described as more of a "specialized" silencer. Felt pads are designed to protect whilst remaining invisible, whilst also cutting back on noise. However, these silencers have not been designed to be concealed, with all effort appearing to have gone into their ability to stop noise and provide protection. They're quite prominent, but I like that, as they're unique and cool.

There are several different colors to choose from, so they can be used to compliment your flooring or chairs. I personally think they're really cute, and prefer the idea of a proper silencer that will completely prevent that maddening noise of chairs scraping on kitchen floors. I see them as slightly quirky and creative and think they could even start conversations as I think they'd arouse a little curiosity in visitors. 

I remember each morning, getting up for breakfast and having to slowly pull out and push in the chairs at my kitchen table as I was worried I'd wake up my housemates. I wish I'd been aware of chair silencers back then.

Will these also provide sufficient protection?  

Yes, they will. They will extend the life of your floors by preventing scratches and dents in all kinds of flooring, maintaining value and an attractive appearance. 

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Floor Grippers For Recliners and Sofas

This blog presents all the 'furniture leg gripper' products available that will keep your sofas and chairs from sliding and scraping. 

1. Pack of 4.
2. Available in large and small size.
3. Provides maximum grip and protection. 

Click here to view on Amazon

The floor grippers shown here have been designed to stop recliners from sliding around on hardwood floors. These are made to fit regular sized recliner feet, but there are also other versions available for all different sizes. The product's white 'O-ring' on the base of the cup provides the grip and floor protection. These are rated very highly for floor protection and gripping.

These item pictured above is quite specialized, and may not be suitable for your recliner's leg size or shape. Perhaps you require pads which can be modified to suit the size and shape of your particular piece of furniture.

Natural Rubber Pads

The beauty of this product is the ability to modify each pad in order to get the right fit. They're also versatile, and can be placed underneath appliances or any other object you wish to stabilize.

Trim to fit.

1. No installation required.
2. Made in the United States from untreated rubber.
3. Easy to trim to match up size/shape with sharp scissors or a knife. 

This is a heavy duty product, made to take a pounding. The heaviest furniture won't damage these pads. Whilst it will still be possible to move your furniture, regular contact will not cause any shift in position. One feature which differentiates this from most "slide stopping" products is the fact that it will involve no glues, leaves no residues and will not require nails or screws to remain in position.

These can be cut to fit, so there's no need to stress out about getting exactly the right size. You won't have to have visible rubber sticking out from underneath your furniture. If they're a little to big, or a little too small, it's nothing to be too concerned about. One reviewer states that they cut each piece up into quarters, which meant that each piece of pad was smaller than the leg it was sitting under. However, they were still 100% effective with regard to holding the furniture in place.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

5 Things You Shouldn't Do On Your Hardwood Floors

Here are 5 simple things to avoid doing on your precious wooden floors. Unlike laminate and tiles, wooden floors are obviously made from organic materials, which are far more easily affected by their environment. With proper care and preservation, your floors can significantly improve your homes appearance and continue to be considered to be an investment.

1. Avoid furniture with casters (wheels). Hard casters can cause damage as they make furniture unstable. Constant movement can easily cause wear and tear in isolated areas. They can also scuff and scratch if they roll over any grit or floor debris as they can drive it into the floor forcefully. If you already own furniture such as beds or chairs on casters, consider purchasing a set of caster stoppers, which are essentially wheel coasters to prevent movement.

For a full list, click here to read my blog on furniture wheel stoppers

2. Never drag furniture across your flooring. Sometimes, this may seem unavoidable, especially when a piece of furniture is too heavy to lift off the ground. However, there are clever lifting straps available which make dragging heavy alliances and wall units unnecessary.

Take a look at products such as forearm forklift straps and shoulder dollies, which can be used to lift very heavy items that would usually be impossible to lift using only hands to grip the object. Greater control and lifting ease will not only minimize floor and wall damage, but will also minimize the potential for injuries, which are common when moving large items.

3. Don't ever pour cleaning products directly onto your floors. Unfortunately, wooden floors have the potential to absorb these products, which can lead to affected areas becoming swollen. Harsh chemicals such as ammonia, dish washing liquid or other all purpose cleaners should never be used on wooden floors.

4. Don't forget to have your dog's nails trimmed. These days, people often don't give their dogs sufficient exercise to wear down their nails naturally. This results in dogs have long claws which have the potential to damage wooden floors. This also has the added bonus of minimizing the sound of your pet's claws, which can be quite annoying.

Be careful not to hurt your dog. A lot of people don't realize that you can't cut deep into the nail.  

5. Try not to wear heels inside unnecessarily. Heels and other sports shows can cause damage.

Most importantly

Do not leave furniture legs without proper protective pads. Even the simple action of pulling a chair out from under a table can cause significant wear and tear if it is done often enough. When considering the cost of refinishing, it becomes relatively obvious that the cheaper option is to invest $15 in some furniture leg pads in order to protect your floors. I recommend you read my blog post on the most highly reviewed gripper pads.

Monday, 5 August 2013

Furniture Leg Socks

I just thought I'd share these lovely furniture leg socks which have been designed to protect hardwood, laminate and tile floors.


Designed to protect against scraping

You can do some nasty damage to floors if the legs of your furniture don't have some type of protective padding. 

I find these leg socks to be very appealing, as they look cute and apparently are also very effective. These are rubberized on the inside and have strong elastic to grip to the leg and stay on. After browsing through reviews, it can be seen that they do in fact stay on, and rarely require any pulling up to stay on the chair leg. There are sizes to fit chair legs from 1/2" all the way up to 3.25". These are also excellent due to the fact that most floor protectors are made with flat chair legs in mind. However, these are perfect for chair legs with a round base. They are available in chocolate brown, caramel brown, biscuit tan and ebony black. 

These chair socks are available on Amazon.

Chair Leg Silencers to Stop Loud Scraping

Are you tired of loud offensive scraping when you push your chair in or out? If so, you may need to consider purchasing some specially designed "silencers" so you don't have to block your ears every time someone sits down or gets up from their chair.

These nail on leg pads are designed to cut down on noise. They're nailed on, which is nice and simple, and they're made of durable materials to provide years of floor protection and noise prevention.

These pads are available on Amazon.

I personally despise the scrape noise of furniture legs on tiles, floor boards or laminate. I think it's one of the most offensive noises, especially when someone's trying to sleep. You end up having to slowly get in and out of your chair, or perhaps even lift the chair as you move it in or out. Although I find these most appealing for their silencing abilities, obviously, they're great for stopping a build up of scratches. As can be seen in the picture of the damage above, some people desperately need something like this for protection! 

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Stop Rugs Curling With These Corner Weights

Preventing rug corners from curling, or fixing corners that are already curled is easy. You can either use specially designed corner weights, or use special rug anchors.

1. Pack of four weights.
2. No sharp edges.
3. Made from heavy plastic.
4. Easy to attach and remove.

Click here to view on Amazon

The appeal of these rug curl stoppers is the fact that they attach to the rug, rather than your floors like many other "rug grip" products. This means you can more easily move your rug around if you wish, but you also will not be required to attach any adhesive grip pads to your floor, preventing issues with residue and grimy sticky spots left behind when they're eventually removed. They're made from heavy plastic, with no sharp edges, meaning they won't scratch your hardwood floors.
Velcro Rug Anchors

There are a few different varieties of these. Some function as rug anchors whereas others simply function as weights which attach to the corners and hold them down to prevent curling. I had a rug in my lounge room with curled up corners which looked terrible.

1. Pack of 4.
2. Leaves no residue on floor when removed
3. Velcro means easy lifting when vacuuming.

Click here to view on Amazon

These are quite simple. One side has an adhesive, and the other side has Velcro in order make it easy to secure and remove the mat. These will prevent movement, curling and also make it much easier to vacuum. The Velcro allows you to easily remove or lift when vacuuming, which is a good feature for a product like this to have.

I'm pretty sure I've tripped over on a curled rug corner before. I've also had problems whilst vacuuming. However, the main issue for me is simply how unattractive it looks. I love my rugs and I'm very picky about colors and patterns and they're there to look good, not curled and shabby.

These are also simply great for keeping your rugs in place.

Rugs slipping and sliding creates extra work and looks bad. These are also great when you have dogs that run around your home and slide your rugs out of position. I still remember when I was young, and I used to play fetch with my dog in the hallway at home until I was yelled at due to the hallway runner being constantly pushed out of place. 

I've also had problems with the mats that I keep in my kitchen, which get pushed around all over the place. They are extremely annoying to vacuum due to the fact that the vacuum simply sucks them up, and drags them along. It can be a source of rage when you're having a bad day, especially when you're tired and have heaps of chores to do. Anyway, either of the two ideas mentioned above should do the trick.

I actually pulled my recliner forward so one of my rug's corners was hidden/squashed underneath it It's the kind of problem that you could assume is unavoidable and there's no solution for, except placing a stack of heavy books on them or something similar. I guess there's all sorts of ideas like this out there that solve annoying problems we don't have to tolerate.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Furniture Grippers - Stop Beds, Sofas and Recliners From Sliding

3" by 3" Square Rubber Caster Cup

1. Choice of 2" or 3" size.
2. Natural rubber will not discolor your floors.
3. Premium brand with excellent reviews.

Click here to view on Amazon

These come in a 3x3" and 2x2" size. These receive many positive comments regarding their appearance and their ability to blend in and remain unnoticeable. Buyers are also happy with their price and effectiveness, describing them as sturdy and durable.

Sometimes, only a little bit of force can result in a lot of movement. For example, the simple act of sitting on the floor and leaning back on your sofa can make it slide away. Obviously, the products described above will be effective in these situations. However, reviews state that they are also able to stop movement where much stronger force is applied, such as jumping on or off couches and play fighting. 

There are other variations available, with different brands and sizes. More options are discussed in other posts of this blog, but these particular items are definitely worth a look.

Gripper Cups For Bed Glides - Simply Use Friction

1. Simply place the leg on the coaster.
2. Specially formulated rubber eliminates movement, vibration and damage.
3. Recommended for legs up to 3.25".

Click here to view on Amazon

These rubber coasters are made from specially formulated Santoprene rubber to grip and stop sliding and scraping. If you're tired of your bed or sofa scooting across your flooring, check these out. These special grip cups will give you back the ability to collapse onto our couch or bed without annoying movement and damage to your floors. You shouldn't have to sit down gently every time you lay down.

The grip cups pictured above are recommended for holding legs of 3.25 inches or less in diameter and can support up to 550lbs. These are effective on tiling, hardwood floors and laminate floors. If you've had enough of your furniture roaming around, fix them in position easily and cheaply with a set of these grip cups.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Furniture Slide Stoppers

Whether your furniture legs are narrow, thick, round or square, there's plenty of options available to prevent unwanted sliding. With these specially designed pads, you'll no longer have to chase your sofa around your living room.

Basic Details:
1. The friction of the pads means no screws or nails are required.
2. They are made from untreated rubber which can be trimmed to size.
3. Several sizes and shapes to choose from. 

Click to view on Amazon (prices vary)

These furniture slide stopper pads don't require any nails, screws or glue to apply. They simply sit underneath the furniture leg, with the grip of the specially designed rubber holding them in place. They can be purchased in rectangular or circular shapes, and altered in order to fit perfectly and remain unseen. 

Reviews of those who've purchased these anti-slip pads have stated they are unnoticeable once in position. One review describes a customer having a big Christmas party, which involved a wrestling match taking place on her sofa. She noticed the next day that her sofa had stayed in position, and the pads had also remained in place. They can also be purchased in a 32 piece set, with 4 different sizes of both square and round, which should cover anything for slim chair and table legs, to thick sofa legs.

How To Make Furniture Grippers?

Currently, the only D.I.Y option I've tested is the use of balloons.

Verdict - 100% Fail.

I read about this and tried it myself. I was quite disappointed and it made me wonder what the "life hack" sites were talking about.

It basically didn't work. Not only that, but the balloon simply slid off a little with each bit of movement, causing it to come off completely. This obviously also looks tacky. However, if you could get this to work, and you could match up a white balloon with a white furniture leg then it could be relatively unnoticeable.

Other D.I.Y options

If you have some kind of rubber which will provide enough grip and be strong enough to not be damaged by furniture legs then you can easily make your own homemade pads. One material which can be used is rubber shelf liners. Remember, if making your own, check for sharp edges or splintered wood, and sand it down to avoid your homemade pads (and floors) being damaged.

Screw on Grippers (with peel and stick option)

If your looking for a gripper foot that can be secured permanently to the base of your furniture legs, you may like to consider the product below.

Basic Details:
1. Option of using adhesive or screwing on.
2. Several sizes for different sized legs.
3. White "O-Ring" grips and protects.

Click to view on Amazon

These are secured either by adhesive or by screws (optional). Unlike the first gripper pads that were discussed above, these obviously cannot be trimmed to match the exact size of the furniture leg. However, an exact match size is not required in order for these to function effectively. 

Also, there are several different sizes available, so you can choose the size which best fits your recliner, chair or table leg. The specially designed white ring underneath provides grip and a high level of protection for your floors. These will be great for anything from coffee tables in the home to restaurant tables, or for futons or recliners. 

Both of the grippers discussed above will not only appeal to those trying to protect their floor boards, but also those who are simply fed up with unwanted movement and are looking for a effective and unobtrusive solution. These grippers feet can be viewed on Amazon

Furniture Leg Gripper Pads

Would you prefer a product which is secured by screws? 

You can choose between "peel and stick" style adhesive, screw on or versions which simply are slipped underneath the furniture leg

Choose between adhesive or screws

These gripper feet are optional screw on or stick on, and come in different sizes to ensure that all furniture leg widths are provided for.

Clever 'Tilt n Slide' design

The white ring on the base of this foot attachment is designed to grip and protect floors. However, when wanting to move furniture, this could obviously create difficulties. Therefore, these have been made with a clever 'tilt n slide' design, so simply tilting them allows for easy damage free sliding. 
The main purpose of these products is to be effective at offering protection to hardwood floors as well as laminated flooring and tiles in order to preserve value and appearance. However, these will obviously be very appealing to people who suffer with the annoyance of sofas, recliners and other furniture which constantly slide whenever sat on. It can be a major source of irritation.

100% Natural Rubber Pads - No Installation Required

These highly rated slide stopping furniture pads don't require any adhesives or screws. Simply place the furniture leg onto the pad and sufficient grip and stability will be provided by their unique texture, designed to stop all moving and sliding.


1. Sizes from 1/2" all the way up to 6" wide
2. Can easily modify to desired shape or size
3. Untreated heavy duty rubber 

The friction created by the rubber simply holds the furniture leg on the pad, which holds the furniture in its position to prevent sliding, scrapes and scratches. They can be easily modified to the correct shape to minimize visibility.

Cut with sharp scissors or a box cutter 


No sticky residue and full protection from leg edges/corners 

They are made from 100% rubber, and don't use any kind of 'stickiness' to provide grip. Their strength allows them to stand up the pressure of the heaviest furniture or legs with sharp edges.

All kinds of flooring

Whether it's laminate, hardwood or tiles or any other potentially slippery flooring, these specially designed 100% natural rubber with unique texture.

They come in several different sizes, with both circular and square shapes. Other products require glue or nails, which require a little more effort to attach. Inferior versions can even be the cause of scrape marks on hardwood floors. However, these rubber pads are made from a special ultra-durable material which will protect your floor and stop movement, whilst being able to support the heaviest of furniture without wear or damage. 

Just place the pad on the floor and sit the furniture leg on top. It can't get much simpler than that!

More details: Click here to view on Amazon

Although they add character and value, many hardwood floors have a relatively low wear rating, with denting and abrasions being common place. This is especially true with character woods such as pine. Bamboo flooring is also especially vulnerable to damage caused by furniture legs. The products shown here are reputably strong and durable in order to push, slide and jump on your furniture without having to worry about damage. The heaviest and sharpest furniture legs will not be able to penetrate or damage these pads or gripper feet and they will provide protection for even the most vulnerable types of floor boards. 

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