Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Furniture Grippers - Stop Beds, Sofas and Recliners From Sliding

3" by 3" Square Rubber Caster Cup

1. Choice of 2" or 3" size.
2. Natural rubber will not discolor your floors.
3. Premium brand with excellent reviews.

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These come in a 3x3" and 2x2" size. These receive many positive comments regarding their appearance and their ability to blend in and remain unnoticeable. Buyers are also happy with their price and effectiveness, describing them as sturdy and durable.

Sometimes, only a little bit of force can result in a lot of movement. For example, the simple act of sitting on the floor and leaning back on your sofa can make it slide away. Obviously, the products described above will be effective in these situations. However, reviews state that they are also able to stop movement where much stronger force is applied, such as jumping on or off couches and play fighting. 

There are other variations available, with different brands and sizes. More options are discussed in other posts of this blog, but these particular items are definitely worth a look.

Gripper Cups For Bed Glides - Simply Use Friction

1. Simply place the leg on the coaster.
2. Specially formulated rubber eliminates movement, vibration and damage.
3. Recommended for legs up to 3.25".

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These rubber coasters are made from specially formulated Santoprene rubber to grip and stop sliding and scraping. If you're tired of your bed or sofa scooting across your flooring, check these out. These special grip cups will give you back the ability to collapse onto our couch or bed without annoying movement and damage to your floors. You shouldn't have to sit down gently every time you lay down.

The grip cups pictured above are recommended for holding legs of 3.25 inches or less in diameter and can support up to 550lbs. These are effective on tiling, hardwood floors and laminate floors. If you've had enough of your furniture roaming around, fix them in position easily and cheaply with a set of these grip cups.

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